Pressure Washing

A-1 Property Services
knows how imporatant keeping the exterior of your house clean is. Each siding is unique in its pressure washing needs. We treat each siding individually due to the differing effects of sun exposure, environmental conditions, and age. The use of high water pressure to try to beat off the dirt will most likely cause damage to the finish of the siding, or streaking if the siding has oxidation. Therefore, we use safe and effective cleaners to gently lift off the dirt and then rinse thoroughly.

A selection of various cleaners is needed for the cleaning of rust, black mold and mildew, green algae, gutters with acid rain stains, dirt, egg, bug droppings, and deck sealer overspray. We have tested many cleaners and selected those that are the most effective for pressure washing and maintaining your home's bright appearance. Our technicians know exactly which cleaners are best for each particular siding, and we'll select those that are needed. All cleaners are biodegradable.

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